Our Pick Of The Best Free Marketing Tools

June 14, 2020

The world of digital marketing can be a scary one. There are so many marketing tools available that knowing which are the worthwhile ones can seem an impossible task. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 marketing tools to use that are completely free!

1. Google analytics

The foundation of your marketing efforts, google analytics is truly the holy grail of free marketing tools. If you haven’t got google analytics installed on your site, do it now! Google analytics tracks everyone and everything on your site, it provides invaluable information on the behaviour of your website users and will also highlight areas on your site where people may be dropping off. If you’ve installed google analytics and are at a loss at how to get any information out of it, try going to ‘Acquisition, All Traffic, Channels’. This will give you a helpful breakdown to where the website users came to your site from and you can identify which marketing channels are the most successful to your site.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great platform that brings all your social media channels under one roof. From your hootsuite dashboard you’ll be able to post, browse and manage all your social media accounts with ease. If you’re struggling to find time day to day to post consistently you can always schedule through hootsuite and even allow the platform to use it’s AI brain to decide when is the best time for your posts to go up.

3. Canva

Looking to create some fancy looking graphics for your site or social media accounts? Canva is a free to use online design platform. You can easily use one of their templates and create engaging social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. It’s super easy to use and yields great results. 

4. Mailchimp

There is no better email marketing platform to get you going than mailchimp. Free to use up to 2000 subscribers, there is simply no other email marketing platform that is as easy or effective to use. Mailchimp have even branched out to allow you to create landing pages, surveys and even automated marketing campaigns. If done correctly by the time you are reaching 2000 subscribers, mailchimp will be giving you added value to your site and effectively paying for itself. 

5. Bit.ly

Want some more transparency to the links you are using on social media? Or just fed up of sending long, ugly URL’s to people? Bit.ly could be the answer to your struggles. Bit.ly is extremely easy to use, you just paste in your long url and it will generate a shortened version of it for you which you can even customise yourself. Once you’re using this link you can then also track the number of times it has been used in the bit.ly dashboard. 

6. Neilpatel.com

Want to get an idea of how well your competitors are performing with their digital marketing? With neilpatel.com you just enter the URL of your competitors and you’ll be presented with a detailed and packed dashboard, giving you a load of valuable data that you can use to find potential areas where competitors are out performing you.

7. Grammarly

You’ve probably been bombarded with non-stop Grammarly ads if you use youtube and rightly so as it is a very useful tool. Grammarly simply checks your writing for spelling, grammar and punctuation. It’s much more detailed and helpful than the in-house Word or Google versions and it’s downloadable as a chrome extension which is done in a click of a button.

8. Survey Monkey

Looking for a quick and easy way to collect customer data or opinions? Look no further than Survey Monkey. Free to use and extremely user friendly, you’ll have attractive and effective surveys live in no time. 

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